Goals of Wild Paw Doodles

Here you will read about the goals we have as breeders.  You will see a little more into what we strive for when finding the right breeding prospects.  There is so much more that goes into this than just a pretty dog.  We look at the dog being mentally and structurally sound, healthy, passing tests that we do, and matching them accordingly to their mates.  


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Wild Paw's Mission

Our mission here at WPD is to find the very best in a prospect breeding dog when we look outside our program.  When we keep back from our program, we are seeking the same.  We know what we like, what we want, and what we need.  The goal is to bring in very healthy, strong, and structured lines into our breeding program.  This will in turn bring you the best puppies.  

Wild Paw's Vision

As a breeder, we have learned so much about what we are looking for when it comes to making top notch puppies for you.  Wild Paw Doodles wants to become the next level breeder when it comes to temperament and health of our dogs and puppies.  

We learn new things every day it seems and that can only make us better.