Dear Future Customer,



Thank you for looking at my website.  I would like to start off by saying "Welcome".  I have turned a passion into a reality with my very new in-home breeding program.  I have chosen to specialize in Goldendoodles for many reasons.  I love all breeds of dogs but the "Doodles" have taken my heart. I find them to be very appreciative, honorable, stoic, goofy, beautiful and that makes them all the more special.  I also find them to be stinkers, naughty-at-times, and they also seem to test my patience.  But I would be lying if I took those things seriously.  I couldn't be more in love with a my doods!!!!  I literally think about them all the time. I always buy them the best treats, toys and do whatever I can to make my dogs feel like a part of our family. 

Being in-home based has allowed me, as your breeder to give your puppy the utmost care and attention. I am able to provide cares beyond the imagination. The puppies explore my home and yard as they learn. I find it so rewarding, knowing that I helped bring your new family member into this world. There are so many reasons that I feel that in-home is better than larger facilities.  One being the simple fact that your puppy is warm, safe and in the arms of your breeder.  All of my dogs are our in home pets.  We spoil them and they have so many toys, treats and family to love.  I sit and watch my favorite shows, read a book or lay in bed and my dogs are right there. They soak up my hard days and help me release it.  My children have trained our dogs to dance, sit, stay, beg, lay down, shake, high-5 and more.  

The parents of my puppies are always properly taken care of and vetted. I whelp my litters myself and take all the safety precautions that I can.  

Persia, Jaxson and the gang are spoiled, loved, appreciated, bed hogs, playmates, friends and our pride and joy.


You can thank Persia as she started it all.  I can't believe what a wonderful and doting mother she is.  She came into our lives and from that day it changed.  I always get asked what breed she is and people always comment on her beauty. 

My standard stud poodle is Jaxson.  This boy is the most gentle giant I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  He is one who comes to you with a heart full of love and shares it with you.  He's a beautiful red color with a white star on his chest. He loves to hug everyone he meets.

Wrigley is my AKC Mini red and white poodle. He is an exceptional dog and will make beautiful puppies in the future.  He is 25 pounds of pure enjoyment.  Everyone who sees him, wants to take him home.  He is the perfect size and loves to snuggle with me in bed and on the couch. He's just lover boy.

We have added several new dogs to the program for continued breeding.  We carefully choose puppies that match the quality of what we produce.  I am excited for our journey in the breeding world. See our Dams/Sires page for updates on who we have added.  


I want to improve the designer breeds in health, temperament, and making sure I only breed dogs that are the right matches for each other. My goal is to give you the most perfect and beautiful puppy imaginable. 

When my family isn't tied up in Doodles, we enjoy our horses, spending time with each other, going to concerts, family events, so much more.  

We love sports and are avid Cubs fans!!  My youngest son Logan loves sports so he keeps us busy with football, basketball, and baseball.  Our daughter Makenna loves our horses and just being a girly girl.  She loves to be with the dogs and spending time with me.  Her and I are very close. My oldest son Nolan is now an adult.  Seems so scary. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and shooting guns with his friends.  

We all enjoy our crazy life with all the dogs and horses.  I feel it's been a blessing to my family.  I hope to be able to offer you the most wonderful and beautiful puppies you'll ever see. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us and choosing Wild Paw Doodles as your breeder.  

Enjoy some of the fun photos below so you can get to know us!!



Ann Wild