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our newest additions


Blonde Bombshell

Harlow is a fun loving, happy, and beautiful girl kept back from our program. She will be an amazing mom someday.

Genetics Clear • Embark

ata • Bb • DD • ee • FF • KBky • Ssp • Intermediate Intensity

OFA • N/A • Carries one copy CDDY/IVDD

Scamander's Pocket Pal

Picket is a Jaxson daughter. She has a soft and thick wavy red coat that does shed seasonally. Pickett is a smart and loving girl. She has a companion heart. She loves to love you.

Pending • Embark

KBKB • atat • BB • ee  • FIC • DD • SS • Intermediate intensity


skadi (1).png

Goddess of Norse Winters

Skadi (Ska-Dee) is a stunning blue Merle parti Sheepadoodle with incredible eyes. She is named after a goddess and she’s got the confidence to match. We are extremely happy to have her join our family. She will brighten up a cloudy day with that beautiful face and heart.

Genetics Pending • OFA - N/A

It's Leviosa, not Leviosa

Hermione is a shadow dog, she loves her people and all the snuggles. She’s such an obedient, sweet, and happy girl. We are excited to have her puppies in our program.

DM Carrier • Embark

 KBky • Ee • BB • spsp • ayat • FF • DD • Mm •



Hagrid's Lil Buddy

Norbert is a handsome brown phantom merle Cocker Spaniel and we are beyond excited to have him join our family. He will start a new line for us with exquisite puppies.

Pending • Embark •

atat • bb • DD • Ee  • kyky • Ssp • Mm


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