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jaxson -he started it all -(retired now)

Huckleberry Hound

Finn is my absolute favorite guy. He's so handsome, friendly, love you so much, and very smart. You’ll always have a best friend, kisses, snuggles, and a partner for life. Finn is an exceptional guy and does not shed.

Clear Genetic Panel • Paw Print kb/ky • at/at • Bb • e/e • DD • SS • F/Fw

OFA • Hips/Elbows Certified •

Carries one copy CDDY • CDPA clear

unnamed - 2023-01-18T110149.743.jpg

Thickened with a Twist

Oliver is a great guy with a human personality. He loves car rides, the ladies, and always cuddling someone. Oliver has a big heart and is full of happiness all the time.

Clear Genetic Panel • Embark •

KBKB • ee • BB • Ssp • atat • FF • DD

OFA • Certified Hips/Elbows • CDDY/IVDD Clear

Little Brother Bear

Koda is our newest stud for our mini and petite line of doodles and poodles. He is such a little fella with a huge heart. Koda loves a warm lap, ear rubs, and basking in the sun. His puppies are to die for.

Clear Genetic Panel • Embark •

KBKB • ee • BB • SS • atat • FF • DD •


OFA • Hips/Elbows Certified

Copy of Clark (1).png

Good to the last Drop

Maxwell is a son of Finn’s and he is stunning to say the least. Hes so handsome, his brown nose makes him even more beautiful. You’ll always have a best friend, kisses, snuggles, and a partner for life. Maxwell is a back-up for his dad in the future. He is a brown based red, no curl, and full furnishings.

Clear Genetics • Embark

awa • bb • DD • ee • FF • KBky • Ssp • Intense  Intensity (9/10) •   TT-/- ( curl)

OFA • N/A • CDDY/IVDD - 1 copy

You've Got a Friend in Me

Woody is one amazing Friend. He's so handsome, friendly, and very smart. You’ll always have a best friend, a partner in crime, snuggles, And kisses. Woody is a son of Wrigley and that shows through him. Woody does not shed.

DM Carrier • Embark

kb/ky • ay/aw • Bb • ee • DD • spsp • FF•


Copy of maxwell (1).png
Clark (1).png

Clark Bark

Clark is striking brown merle Cockapoo and we are beyond excited to have him join our family. He will start a new line for us with exquisite puppies.

Clear Genetic Panel • Embark

kyky • atat • bb • Ee • Mm • FIC • DD • Ssp

 Carries 1 copy IVDD/CDDY • OFA - N/A

Here for a Good Time

Niko is from our very own Shadow & Finn. He is a hidden merle mini goldendoodle. Niko will be bred properly to a female that will be tested for merle gene. He will give us beautiful puppies with amazing colors and wonderful temperaments. Niko stole my heart the minute he was born.

Clear Genetic Panel • Embark

kb/ky • at/at • BB • e/e • DD • SS • F/Fw


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