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Keeva is a beautifully marked parti poodle.  Keeva is highly intelligent and loves to do tricks.  Her favorite is to jump through a hula-hoop.  She is a petite poodle with an air of dignity. 

Bliss is a gorgeous Sable Parti standard poodle. She has a magnificent temperament and she is one of a kind.  I am in awe of just how beautiful she is. Bliss is a very loyal and calm family dog.  

Charlie is a very sweet and fun loving doodle.  She has the nicest and softest coat with the perfect amount of wave. Her wonderful stature and confirmation will pass down to her puppies. Charlie brings life into any atmosphere with her charming way.  We are blessed to have her in our program.

Summer is a great family dog.  You couldn't ask for a more loyal pet than her.  Summer features a very dark mahogany coat.  She's a very petite structured dog and that will make for very nicely sized mini goldendoodles.  

Willow is a beautifully marked parti goldendoodle. WIllow loves to spend time with her family on vacation, she loves camping, boating, and being a dog.  

Her wavy soft coat is rich and luxurious.  Look for her puppies in Spring 2020.  

Hazel is a beautiful and kind dog.  She is an emotional support dog for our sister.  Hazel has a soft and plush coat, with a nice wavy style.  Hazel will be mama to petite goldendoodles.  

Hazel loves car rides, fishing, and camping.  

Shadow is the most gentle, caring, and greatest addition to our family.  She loves her family and my daughter and her share an amazing bond.  I am thrilled to have her become a part of our program.  She has officially stolen our hearts. 

Snooky has a heart of gold, she is strongly attracted to her humans.  She gets a long with all people and dogs.  She is literally a happy-go-lucky dog.  She is Wrigley's daughter and we can't wait to see her puppies.  

Sunnie is from our Summer/Wrigley litter.  We kept her back her outstanding disposition and I love her color.  She is weighing in at 42 pounds and it's pure love and fluff. She will be bred for goldendoodles when she is old enough.  I am proud to have her a part of our family. 

Zola is literally one of the nicest and most polite dogs I have had.  She is a calm, attentive, and has the perfect amount of goofy in her.  I absolutely love her.  

I am so thrilled to have Kiya come to our program and our hearts.  She will be a perfect addition to our bernedoodle lines.  I can't wait to snuggle her and train her to be the very best girl. 

Lemon is going to make some beautiful goldendodles in the future.  We are so happy to have her become a mama someday.  Her coat is soft and luscious and will be a wavy.  We will see abstracts, and tuxedos with her.  

Fiona is out first sable bernedoodle and we are thrilled to be able to offer some exquisite bernedoodles in the future.  She is the kindest and most thoughtful girl.  She knows many tricks and commands.  

Maisy is a very kind and loving girl.  Her family loves her so much and her human brother, Nolan, has taught her many tricks. We are in awe at her beauty.  

Ryver is from our very own Summer and Wrigley.  We are astounded with her temperament and color.  She lives with her guardian family and also has Rocky as a "brother".  We are excited to see her babies in the future.  

Ms. Maddie is a beautiful and blocky AKC retriever. Her soft and soulful eyes really draw you in and you kind of forget your day.  She will be an excellent addition to our breeding program.  She is a full sister to our Summer. 

Phoebe is from our very own lines and will produce some beautiful abstract, tuxedos, and parti moyen poodles for us.  Phoebe is a very petite structured female and definitely takes after her mom, Keeva for her docile nature.  We are elated to have our own lines of extraordinary poodles. 

Wynter is our first englishdoodle to our program and we are so thrilled to add the amazing temperament and calm nature that the English brings.  She will make exquisite doodles and these puppies would be ideal for therapy and those who seeking a perfect companion. 

Lily is a beautiful red parti mini goldendoodle and she has the kindest personality.  She is Wrigley's daughter and we love that she takes after her daddy so much.  When you have a good thing, you never want it to end so we had to retain her .  Watch for her beautiful puppies in the future. 

Waverly is a very own of ours retained from Bliss & Wrigley.  She will be a part of our Sheepadoodle lines.  We expect amazing puppies in the future.  

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