Welcome To Our Sire's Page

Jaxson is a lover all humans.  He literally loves to be with you and he has a wonderful heart. Jaxson gives the best puppies out of our program.  He loves going to our children's school, softball games, and cheering on his kiddos.  Jaxson is truly amazing.   


Wrigley is an amazing dog with a wonderful temperament.  He is the light of my world and makes beautiful puppies.  Wrigley is the life of any party. He loves his humans and cuddling is his favorite thing to do. 

When you look at Simon, all your worries go away.  Simon is the ultimate snuggle buddy. He loves to sleep by my head and give me kisses all day. His coat is like velvet and his dark round eyes express so much personality and heart.  I feel truly blessed to have him in my life.  

Stryker is a very large and stout stud.  He has all the right moves in all the right places.  Stryker is very fond of his family and is eager to please.  We will be seeing more of his offspring in the near future.  

Rocky is one great guy.  He is a dark red mahogany tuxedo that also carries parti.  We can't wait to have his great genetics, that come from our lines, to produce some amazing puppies.  

Huck is retained from our Indee and Jaxson lines.  We love his personality and his coat is tufts of wavy red locks.  He will make a great daddy to our program. 

Shooter is a stunning brown and white parti moyen poodle.  He will head up our bernedoodle lines and also make poodles and goldendoodles. His temperament exudes my expectations and we can't wait to have him produce some perfect puppies. 

Oliver is a gorgeous red abstract moyen poodle that carries parti.  He will be a great addition to our breeding program.  He is a loyal and extremely lovable puppy.  We are very excited to have him with us. 

Tripp is a blue merle mini goldendoodle.  He will make some colorful babies in the future. We adore his sweet personality and his affection.  

Ezra is a black and white tuxedo standard sheepadoodle.  He will mature to 60 pounds. This guy has the best looks and the wavy coat that is desired by many doodles lovers.  We are over the moon about our sharp looking tuxedo dood. 

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