Snooky's  Guardian Family

Snooky lives with her family, Kathy & Brad.  So far she has stolen the hearts of Kathy's grandchildren.  Kathy says that Snooky loves going for walks and playing with kids.  Snooky also loves watching the show Gunsmoke with her daddy.  

We are very happy with this process and things are going smoothly. 

Charlie & Zola's  Guardian Family

Charlie came along and literally stole Tonia's heart and she swept her home. We are so lucky to have a guardian that wanted two of our blessings.  

Zola completes the Gushenkov family.  This family is super special because they see our vision and they love our dogs as much as we do.  

Stryker & Keeva's Guardian Family

Stryker & Keeva live with my oldest sister, Kim Cronin and her family. They brings joy to her heart and that makes me happy.  These two love having a poodle to play with.  They equally steal the bed at night and keep my sister happy as can be.  Kim also had our beautiful Keeva.  She has helped Keeva blossom into the most proud and fancy poodle I knew she could be.  

 Willow's Guardian Family

Willow lives with her mom, Charity Fecht and Family.  Willow has brought much to her family and for that my heart is full.  Willow gets to be pampered and she plays with her "Sister" doodle.  Willow goes camping a lot with her family, in fact that's what she's doing in this photo.  We can't wait for her babies to come next year.  

Rocky's Guardian Family 

The Acevedo's are a Postville family and we love that Rocky is so close to us.  Lisa was my youngest son's 1st grade teacher and now she and her family are a part of ours.  We couldn't be more thrilled.  Rocky is offspring of Harper and Jaxson.  This guy will sire some perfect puppies in our near future.  

Huckleberry Finn's Guardian Family

Huckleberry's guardian family adore him and he now has his very own tiny human brother.  Corey & Erin are teachers at our children's school and have become a part of our family here.  We are proud and can't wait to see Huck babies.  

Sunnie-Daze Guardian Family

Sunnie is living with a very old but good friend of mine.  Rebekah & her family love Sunnie an she brings them lots of joy in their home.  I feel very blessed to have them a part of our program.  

Ezra's Guardian Family

Ezra is our very first sheepadoodle and we are so happy to have him.  He resides with Julie Suhr and family.  They love Ezra's wonderful disposition and caring nature.  We are blessed again with such an excellent pup.  

Maisy's Guardian Family

Maisy is a beautiful parti miniature goldendoodle.  She is Wrigley's daughter.  Maisy is living with The Baker Family and we have grown to love them so much.  Maisy is learning the ropes and new tricks.  She has stolen the hearts of everyone who has met her. Maisy is full sister to Sky and half sister to Leia.

Oliver & Lily's Guardian Family

 Meet Lily, she is a red parti goldendoodle and she is a full sister to Maisy.  

We kept back these girls with Wrigley's lines because when you have a good thing, you never want it to end. These girls have our hearts forever. 

Oliver joined Lily and Heather and they are loving each other.  Playmates for life.  

Fiona's Guardian Family

Tami & Fiona are made for each other.  I couldn't be more thrilled to have found her.  Fiona is going to live the best life she can and Tami will be right along side of her.  I can't wait for the adventures to come.  

Finn's Guardian Family

Finn is a small structured miniature goldendoodle.  He resides with his family, The Kriener's.  They adore this little man and he is such a pleaser.  Finn has a soft luxurious coat and will be a future daddy here at WPD.  His baby doll face is to die for. 

Tripp's Guardian Family

Tripp is a blue merle mini goldendoodle. He now lives with Charlinda and becoming so close to each other.  Charlinda fell for his great disposition and I have heard many good things.  
He will sire a couple litters a year to add some extra color to our program.  

Lemon's Guardian Family

Lemon is living with her new family and fill their hearts with joy. They are very excited to make her a part of their family. She is the center of the world at her house because her mom does daycare, so she will be adapting to many new things in her busy life. 

Maddie's Guardian Family

Maddie is a beautiful AKC retriever and I am over the moon about her.  Her guardian home has many years of golden experience and I am thrilled she found her family.  We can't wait to see her puppies in the future.  

Wynter Ivy's Guardian Family

I feel lucky to have found Elizabeth and her family for Wynter.  We have learned so about each other and it feels like we have known one another for years.  Wynter "Wynnie" wlll be so spoiled and loved. We are excited to have them a part of our family. 

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