Puppy Packet Information 

1.) Vet Certificate of Health

2.) Completed K-9 health record

3.) 1st two vaccinations- Bordetella & DAPP

4.) Bill of sale & Warranty

4.) Dewormer - Pyrantel 

5.) Giardia - Metronidazole

6.) Coccidia - Toltrazuril

7.) Selection Process is in 3 ways via photos, videos or in person

8.) Microchip

9.) 1 year genetic warranty

10.) Victor High Pro Plus

11.) Crate Training, Puppy 101, Grooming Info, CPR/Heimlich, Hip Dysplasia

12.) Potty Training Information& Leptospirosis Information

13.) Consultation for general puppy care, diet and kennel training 

14.) Puppy spa treatment which will consist of a bath, blow dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, facial trim, sanitary trim, paw pad fur trimmed, cologne and bow.

15.) Toy/Treat Gift Bag, Puppy Blanket with Mother's scent

16.) Lifetime Breeder Support

17.) Updates will occur on my Facebook Page along with photo shoots, daily information regarding the mothers, puppies and fun things


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Printable Puppy Packet Information

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