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selection day

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At the 6 week mark of your puppy's life, we are able to start seeing dominance, timidity, coat structure, coat type, furnishings, and sociability in them. This age is great to get to play with and enjoy them as you decide which one you love. 

There are 3 ways to choose your puppy.


1. Visit 

2. Videos and/or FaceTime

3. Pictures 

During this process I work closely with you and your family to choose between all the before mentioned things. We will do 1 hour video & pictures as it takes awhile to download.  

I am always free to answer all questions that you may have along the way.  Remember that I am here for the lifetime of your pet.  I want to get you everything you want in your pet. 

We have started doing Facebook Events for Our Selection Process with times and dates.  I have these mother lists already planned there for you. This will make for a better way to keep you informed.  

 If you don't have Facebook. I will make sure to talk with you in regards to the process and you can read here for more information.

after selection of your puppy

Once you have chosen your new puppy, we will set up your pick up date.  We let our puppies go home at 8 weeks of age.  Sometimes the day falls during the week.  If that don't work with your schedule, you are welcome to come that weekend that follows.  

We do offer to meet customers up to 4 hours away from our home.  We do charge a fee of .50 a mile to compensate our time and gas.  


set up your vet appointment

Next step is to now set up your puppy's vet appointment.  We require your puppy to be seen within 72 hours of going home.  This will validate your warranty.  If you choose not to take your puppy in within the time allotted, you will forfeit your warranty.  It will then become void.  

It is important to get that appointment booked right away as it has been  more of a challenge to get in at a short notice.  

Your vet will then set up your vaccination schedule for you to follow what your puppy has had done to them so far. 

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go home day

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The most anticipated day of the eight weeks.  The go home day!!!

Whether we meet you for a delivery or you come to our home, we go over in depth all the things regarding the take home of a puppy.  

We will go over your vet exam/certification of health, vaccines, de-worming/parasite prevention, microchip and registration.  We also go over kennel and potty training, what to expect at your vet appointments, grooming, your Trupanion 30 days, and much more.  

We will also answer any and all questions you have so you can feel comfortable taking your new puppy home.  

We offer lifetime breeder support and that means we are here for you.  In all the good, bad, or ugly.  If you have questions, please send us a message, email, or call.  We want to help in all the ways we can when it comes to your puppy. 

"everyone thinks they have the

best dog in the world,

none of them are wrong"

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