Selection Day Information

Selection Day is the Big Day where you get to pick out the puppy of your dreams.

At the 6 week mark of your puppy's life, we are able to start seeing dominance, timidity, coat structure, coat type, furnishings, and sociability in them. 

This age is great to get to play with and enjoy them as you decide which one you love. 

There are 4 ways to choose your puppy.


1. Visit 

2. Videos

3. Pictures 

During this process I work closely with you and your family to choose between all the before mentioned things.  I will go over the Temperament Testing that I do.  You can find that test on the website under Puppy Info.  

We will do 45 minute visits.

We will do 1 hour video & pictures as it takes awhile to download.  

I am always free to answer all questions that you may have along the way.  Remember that I am here for the lifetime of your pet.  I want to get you everything you want in your pet. 

Shadow's Selection Day

December 6th, 2020

 Shadow/Wrigley’s CKC Moyen Poodles

Due to COVID-19 we will be virtual picking only.


12pm Wild Paw Doodles
1pm Erin Harris
2pm Kayla Nau
3pm Natalie Highman
4pm Jennifer Lovejoy
5pm Available spot

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