The Truth About Spay/Neuter

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Breeding Rights-To Approved Breeders

Permanent ownership of this dog is contingent upon your compliance with this Addendum. Wild Paw Doodles has learned some very helpful information in regards to spaying and neutering your pets.  We all are so used to hearing that doing this after a first heat in a female and before the lifting of a leg in a male is the most beneficial.  After doing some research on my own and finding Dr. Becker, my feelings have changed. I will honor case by case issues.

If you are going to be a diligent and responsible dog owner, than who am I to make you spay/neuter your pet at a certain age? THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BREEDING RIGHTS!!! I feel that there is no reason to do this at such an early stage in our growing puppy's life.  I am now suggesting that your puppy be at least 2 years of age.  

If you are going to be a pet owner who lets your dog out without supervision, I don't want you to purchase a puppy from me. Taking care of a puppy/dog is a large responsibility and that means making sure that your dog is not irresponsibly bred. The goal in my business to make sure the families that my puppies go to are highly educated and can offer a good life. I want my puppies to go home and be safe.  

I do offer breeding rights to forth righteous breeders who come to me asking for them.  The breeding rights are extra and given to approved breeder homes only. If you were to breed without my consent I am able to come after you with legal matters.  I will sue any customer who breeds one of Wild Paw Doodles puppies/dog who has not purchased the rights.  Simply come to me at the time for inquiry and purchase to ask for the rights.  There is no need to lie or cheat the system.  I will approve breeding rights to responsible breeders who health test parent dogs.  

I will sue up to $30,000.  

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