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frequently asked questions

How much is the reservation fee?

$300- NON-REFUNDABLE-But you can transfer to alternate lists.  The only time it is refundable is if a litter is not conceived or not enough puppies born.  We no longer offer a conditional to gender.  WPD retains the right to keep the deposit at any time.  

Our time is extremely valuable.  We provide customers a service, answer questions, provide any photos, testing, and information needed to make an informed decision.

Most of my time is dedicated to customer service and this year has proven to be one of the most difficult when it comes to pleasing everyone. 

I am running customer service by myself and I want to give you the very best.  Please trust the process.

Don't commit to a puppy if you have any reservations regarding the process. 

Please be considerate to our business and be 100% ready before you place the reservations.  

Don't ask for it back if you found another puppy, breeder, or changed your mind.  This deposit is a commitment to WPD and for a secure spot on a list of your choice. 


Does the reservation go towards the cost of a puppy?



Do I have to pay taxes?

Yes, you will pay Iowa Taxes @ 7%. The tax is added on total amount, then the reservation comes off. 

When does the puppy get to come home?

At 8 weeks.


What types of payments do you take for final payment?

Cash, Check, or Venmo.


Do you Health Test/OFA?

Yes, we do genetic testing, coat/curl testing, and OFA hips/elbows. We are working on each dog as they become the correct age to do so.


Do you have a kennel?

NO, we don't have a kennel type breeding program. We have an in-home program and we have a nursery. We also utilize the Guardian Home Program. 


Are puppies trained?

We start the kennel training process; we also introduce them to outside potty time (weather permitting).


Do you offer a health guarantee?

Yes, we offer a one-year genetic warranty. You may read about that on the page for the warranty right here on my website.


Do you have a vet?

Yes we have a very trusted vet that we use for our program.

Do the puppies get vaccines?

Yes, we give your puppy the appropriate age vaccines. You can find more information on the Puppy Package page.


Do you microchip?

Yes, we use a small microchip that allows it to be non-migratory. We chip your puppy at 6-7 weeks old. It is free to activate and the brand is Fi-Nano.  


Do you deliver?

We can deliver to a meeting destination, home delivery, or an airport. We charge .50 a mile from our address to the destination and back. Maximum of 3 hours in any directions. 


What food do you recommend?

We feed our puppies to Victor Multi - Pro to our nursing mothers and our litters.  We send you home with a sample bag.  We do recommend that you continue using Victor products.  This food has less protein and better at prevention of ear infections, UTI's in both males and females, weight gain, and several other health issues/concerns. 


Do Doodles handle children and other pets well?

Yes, with the proper socialization and discipline, you can have a very wonderful family pet. Each puppy is different in many ways and it takes us, as humans, to teach them the important things to become a well rounded pet.  We get what we put in.  


Why should I choose Wild Paw Doodles?

That’s Easy! We are a uniquely run program. We offer you lifetime breeder support to help you along the way with your puppy. We have a family style feel to our program and love inviting you into our home. Our dogs are our family. They are not kennel dogs. They know basic obedience, manners, and sleep wherever they are comfortable. They live in our home and are quite spoiled. We love what we do and have so much passion.

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