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persia - she started it all

Sunnie Daze

Sunnie is a Goldendoodle from our very first Summer & Wrigley litter. Sunnie is a fun hearted and goofy girl. She loves to go camping and spend time with her family. Sunnie’s temperament makes her an excellent mom. Sunnie’s coat is wavy and has minimal shedding.

DM Carrier • Optimal Selection

awat • BB • DD • ee • FIC • KBky • Ssp • Intermediate Intensity

OFA • Hips/Elbows Certified • CDDY/IVDD Clear

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Lady Duchess 

Duchess is a Goldendoodle that we kept from one of our Keeva & Finn litter. She has a soft and lush curly coat that does not shed. Dutch is a happy girl with the ability to warm your heart while stealing it too.

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aa • Bb • DD • ee • FF • KBKB • Ssp • Intermediate Intensity


Cover Me in Sunshine

Willow is a Goldendoodle from our first Harper & Wrigley litter. This girl is the best dog, she absolutely loves her time with family, she loves sleeping on the back of the couch, she is one of my very favorite girls. She’s a whole package.

DM Carrier • Optimal Selection

awa • Bb • DD • ee • FIC • KBky • spsp • Intermediate Intensity OFA • Certified Hips & Elbows • CDDY/IVDD Clear

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 I put a spell on you

Reyna is an AKC poodle and she has a very dainty personality. She prances around like she knows she’s beautiful. Reyna has a therapy type temperament and loves humans. She enjoys her friends and family.

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ata• bb • DD • Eme • FF • kyky • Ssp • Intermediate Intensity

OFA • Certified Hips & Elbows

Heaven on Earth

Zola is a medium F1 Goldendoodle. Her soft plush coat Is great to snuggle up & Netflix the day away. Zola has a heart of gold and absolutely loves her family and is a true blessing to our lives. Zola’s coat is moderate shedding and curly.

Clear Genetic Panel • Optimal

ata • BB • DD • ee • F/IC • KBKB • SS • Intermediate Intensity


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Regina Phalange's Alter Ego

Phoebe is a poodle from our Keeva & Wrigley litter. Phoebe is a carbon copy of her mom and she is such a fun girl. Phoebe is soft spoken, kind, and has a wonderful personality.

DM Carrier • Optimal

ata • Bb • DD • ee • FF • KBky • spsp • Intermediate Intensity

OFA • Hips/Elbows Certified • CDDY/IVDD Clear

America's Sweetheart

Maddie is a golden girl for sure. Her beautiful red coat Has stunning highlights. Maddie is very attentive to her humans and protects with her whole heart.

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atat • Bb • DD • ee • ICIC • KBKB • SS • Intermediate Intensity



Montana's Girl

Mylee is a goldendoodle with a very large zest for life. Mylee is always happy, she’s playful, and has shown our son so much devotion. She has a deep red mahogany curly coat. Her brown nose and hazel eyes always get me.

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atat • bb • DD • ee • FIC • KBky • SS • Intermediate Intensity


Flower Girl

Lily is a goldendoodle from our Wrigley. She is shy until she gets to know you and once she does, you’ll have her heart. Lily is a dog that wants to cuddle, go for car rides, play with her friends and she’s an excellent mom. Her wavy coat is non shed and very soft.

DM Carrier • Optimal Selection

ataw • Bb • DD • ee • FIC • kyky • spsp • Intermediate Intensity


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Cleanse my Aura

Sage is a loyal little cuddle bug. She’s such an obedient, sweet, and happy girl. We are excited to have her puppies in our program.

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 KBky • ee • Bb • spsp • aa • FF • DD

 Carries one copy CDDY/IVDD OFA • N/A