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dog food & treats

Your puppy is eating Diamond Naturals All Stages Skin and Coat Formula.  He/She will be completely weaned and eating hard kibble when you take them home.  We do give you a sample of food to take home.  You can find this food online through our Amazon storefront, tractor supply stores,, etc.
Your puppy will also come with a teething ring or stick (shown below).  We also get them on the Amazon storefront,, or google search.    

dog food

  • Real salmon is the first ingredient

  • Helps maintain healthy skin and coat at all life stages

  • Enhanced with guaranteed probiotics and superfoods

diamond-naturals-skin-coat-all-life-stages-salmon-potato-dog-food-bag-front-101520 (1).png
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puppy teething 

  • Made In The USA

  • Helps Relieve Teething Pain And Soreness

  • Edible And Digestible

  • Added Calcium For Healthy Teeth And Bones

  • Fortified With Dhas Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • Highly Palatable And Ideal For Puppies Of All Sizes

  • All Natural And No Artificial Colors Or Preservatives

  • Pliable Texture Is Safe For Puppy's New Teeth And Helps Soothe Teething Pain And Sore Gums

  • Great Taste, Completely Edible And Digestible

dog grooming products

Domestic animal, pet, grooming, procedures for animals. Hosts brought domestic pet labrado

Your puppy will need grooming and maintenance on their coat and skin.  Here are the products we use daily with our dogs and puppies.  Search our Storefront for amazing items that will surely make your life easier. 

chris christianson paddle brush

It's important to keep your pup's coat shiny and healthy. This grooming tool is perfect for maintaining your pooch's coat and keeping him/her happy.

Plus, you'll have plenty of bonding time while you groom him to perfection! 

Features: Helps reduce shedding
Health Considerations: Skin & Coat


metal tooth comb

  • Two lengths of teeth to help with tangles

  • Rounded tips for comfort & safety

  • Available in many sizes

  • Made to get to the root of the mats


These combs feature rounded pins for comfort and safety and are perfect for thick-coated breeds. They feature two pin sizes help in different stages of the grooming process, as well as different parts of your dog's coat.

puppy nail clippers

  • Our nail trimmers are safe enough to be used either professionally or at home.

  • The semi-circular edge of the steel blade ensures a clean, precise cut.

  • Featuring a windowed opening, the design of the blade keeps the nail visible.

  • A super grip handle prevents sliding or slipping while trimming your pet's nails.


best shot detangler

  • Alcohol free!

  • Offers superior sheen, coat strengthening and detangling

  • Protects hair from heat, flat ironing and chemical color styling

  • Hydrates coat, soothes skin, eliminates static and speeds drying time.


fresh 'n clean products

  • Keeps your dog smelling like clean in between baths with its head-to-tail spray.

  • Ideal, mess-free scent control solution with no water, lather, or bath needed.

  • Convenient spray can is perfect for on-the-go pet parents and busy pups.

  • Simply shake well, and spray on your pup for an all-over fresh scent.

  • Available in floral and tropical scents to match you pal’s taste.

  • Gently cleans with soap-free, pH-balanced, plant-derived cleansers.

  • Moisturizes coat to detangle and nourish hair with extra conditioners.

  • Keeps hair manageable and shiny with vitamin E and aloe leaf juice.

  • Keeps your dog smelling fresh with scent that stays on for up to two weeks.

  • Simply wet coat, lather thoroughly, and rinse for an anytime shampoo.

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Shop our storefront and find all the products we love and use daily.  You will find food, toys, treats, bedding, and more.  

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