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Welcome To Wild Paw Doodles


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I will be adding some fun things to our mobile Wix app and making some interactive things.  I am not super tech savvy, so this may take a bit but I am excited for it. 

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MON - FRI                           9AM - 6PM

SATURDAY                          9AM - 4PM

SUNDAY                              APPT ONLY

Dog using laptop computer on colored background. Fluffy brown or orange female Labradoodle


Address -  215 Pennsylvania Ave,  P.O. Box 1092,  Postville, IA 52162


Phone Number - 563.766.7297 (PAWS)


About Wild Paw Doodles

Our home based program is located in beautiful Northeast Iowa. I feel raising puppies in home gives a more personal feeling to the experience plus it allows us to nurture your baby.  We snuggle them, love on them, we cuddle the puppies, and let them explore our entire home.  They get used to every day things that go on in our busy lives. 


Puppies learn how to play, they learn boundaries in the home, they get to nestle themselves on the couch next to our kids while enjoying the security of "home".  I don't feel that a kennel type setting works for our program.  We are much more than that.  I feel that the best way to raise a puppy is in the comfort of our home.  It's natural and real. Our dogs enjoy being a part of our family and love to play outside together. 

They love to ride in the truck with the windows down.  Playing in the swimming pool with our kids and have so much fun jumping on the trampoline. They certainly make our house a home and make our family whole and very blessed. I hope to be able to help you find the perfect fit for your family by breeding only the best dogs.  In this site you will find the mothers, fathers and all the information regarding my program.

The best thing about Wild Paw Doodles is that our dogs are part of the family. Your puppy will be given the best care as we are very hands on in our program. We have a Vet approved health protocol and we also use early desensitization for easy transition into your home.


Our puppies go home started on kennel training, and are familiar to things in our everyday lives.  This makes us different from most. We truly work hard behind the scenes to make your dream puppy a reality.

 I truly feel that this is what I was meant to do in life. It's one of those things that make your heart full and you really fall in love with each puppy.  The families we meet and send our puppies to have become a part of our extended family.  I always welcome you to our home and into our program.   There's nothing quite like the doodle and we love to share them with you.  We hope you enjoy our website and be sure to follow us on Facebook.  

Meet the Wild Paw Doodles Crew

  Hello from Ann & Breanna Wild.  

We are the two ladies behind the action. We had a dream of spending time together and be available parents to our children.  What seemed like a pipe dream, has become quite the reality over the last several years.

Being able to work at our own pace by business owners has allowed us to do just that. 

Breeding healthy and happy puppies is a goal we take seriously.  We love our life and we love our dogs.  A lot of work goes into this life, most unnoticed by the outside.  

So welcome into a tad bit of our "WILD LIFE."



This girl right here is one hard working lady.  If she wants something done, she will get it done. 

Makenna has been able to do almost every single task that her moms do.  

Makenna assists in our breeding process, photos, bathing/blow drying, whelping litters, medications, some videograpy/photography, socialization of all the puppies.  She also grooms dogs, does a lot of cleaning, "poop doodie," and one hundred other things.  I am so extremely proud of how our daughter is maturing and becoming exactly who is wants to be. 

Makenna is active in school while playing volleyball, she plays the flute, and she's an honor roll student.  


This handsome fella is our youngest kiddo and will continue grunt and groan each time his moms ask him to do something.  Typical pre-teen boy response.  In all seriousness, this dude does help out in many aspects of our life.  He will assist in almost anything when it comes to puppies, cleaning, etc., but he said that he "draws the line at helping with breeding's", fair enough.  

Logan is a very active boy and loves sports, he plays football, baseball, and has big plans for the future.  This little stud always melts my heart.  He's quite the gentleman.  



Nolan is oldest of our crazy family and has helped a great deal before leaving the nest and going on his own.  He will still come back home to help when needed.  He plans to take trips for us in the future, whether that means a flight or driving.

He is such a smart and loyal son of ours and we are proud of this guy. Nolan enjoys gaming, cooking, being a good big brother, and making everyone laugh.  


Wild Family

The three kids that light up our lives and help make this dream a reality.